Outdoor Signs – Sandwich Boards Have Been Used in One Form Or Another Since Merchandising Began

Sidewalk Sign, Sandwich Board Sign, A-Frame Sign – All are pretty much the same and provide the same consistently good results. They are designed to spread your message and get new customers in your door and existing customers back in your door.

The sidewalk sign has been around in some form or other, as long as there have been merchants. It may have been on cobblestone rather than sidewalk, but merchants over time have proven the benefit of this simple form of advertising.

Today, the design and durability of this form of signage has improved over the early times of use. They are generally constructed of metal or durable plastic and are designed to withstand high winds and minor impact. There are several sizes available including:

  • 20″ W x 30″ H
  • 22″ W x 28″ H
  • 24″ W x 32″ H
  • 24″ W x 36″ H
  • 30″ W x 40″ H

The inherent benefit of these signs is the capability to change out the displayed messages, insert new messages and reuse messages over and over. There are several printable materials (most in the form of plastic) that are durable and long lasting, even in harshest environments. A graphic artist can generally do a basic design for your inserts in an hour or less and print locally or get the printing done via the internet.

Sidewalk signs are easy to work with and display. You put them out in the high traffic areas (hopefully in a location to attract pedestrian and automobile viewers) when you open your business and bring them inside when you close.

They are so easy and economical to change out, that your business can display a different message every day or have different seasonal messages that can be used for a week or two year after year. Both the pedestals and insert signs are available at your local office supply and retail stores, but the real bargains these days are on the internet. Prices are extremely competitive, and many internet outlets are offering free design and shipping

Designer Sunglasses and the Celebrity Influence

Celebrities. What is it about this breed of people that keeps us forever scrutinising their every waking moments (and sleeping ones to, sometimes!!)? Why the need to keep up to date with what they’re eating or what they are wearing? Why do we care where they go when they leave their homes?

We care because we have an insatiable need. An insatiable need to know what they are eating because tomorrow that’s what the neighbour will be eating, an insatiable need to know what they are wearing because tomorrow that person in work will be wearing the same thing.

We have this insatiable need because the world of celebrities dictates modern trends and we do not want to be left behind when it comes to the new trendy food fad, outfit or those new designer sunglasses they seem to be wearing. And it seems that designer sunglasses are by far the hottest fashion accessory associated with celebrities. The bigger the celebrity, the larger the clamour to own a pair of these ‘wonderful’ objects; and let us not forget- the bigger the celebrity wearing a particular brand of designer sunglasses, the happier that particular sunglass manufacturer is!

Now, it’s obvious that sunglasses play an important part in our everyday lives and routines. Their main function is to protect our eyes from the glare of the sun, in doing so providing vital protection from harmful ultra violet rays which can cause serious damage to our eyes. On a much lower level, sunglasses minimise the effects of squinting which can cause the laughter-line effect seen around the eyes.

There’s no doubting that celebrities use sunglasses for these vital functions as well, but more often than not they choose their sunglasses as much for fashionable purposes as well as practical purposes. And don’t the major brands know it! All major fashion designers who are worth their salt produce a range of designer sunglasses but these are normally out of the price range of Joe Soap. There is no denying that these sunglasses are exquisite pieces, elegantly crafted with the….celebrity in mind.

These sunglass manufacturers fall over themselves to offer their wares to the top celebs on a complimentary basis, knowing full well that they will have a free, walking advertising board and the eyes of the world on them. And what people see is what people want and they will go looking for them in the shops.

The bottom line is this, just as we need air to breathe, while there are celebrities there will be a market for designer sunglasses.